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  • Do I have to pay to be a member?
    No. You dont have to pay to be a member. The membership form is free. However, once you are registered as a member, you will pay monthly membership due of N200. It is not optional, it is your commitment as a bonafide member of GR to pay the monthly due, so that, together we can fund projects and programmes of our Foundation.
  • What is Goodreach all about?
    The Goodreach Foundation in Nigeria is a charity organisation primarily committed to poverty alleviation, all our programmes and community projects are geared towards reducing the scourge of poverty in the society. We have put in place deliberate efforts and initiatives focused on improving the quality of lives of the poor. Through the collaborative efforts of all our members we can slowly, but steadily empower our communities.
  • Do you help people in need?
    Yes, people with needs can take advantage of various financial palliatives and empowerment programs available to members only. However, we have other programs structured to assist non members within the communal projects arrangement.
  • Is the Crowdfunding Program for everyone?
    Yes, you are qualified to apply for the token crowdfund as long as you are a member. However, bear in mind that only a select number of members can benefit per month. It is meant to slowly go round. If your application is not successful this month, don't be discouraged, apply again.
  • Where do I log in as a member?
    You can go to, click on the login tab and use your login details. Please wait until your membership is validated before you attempt to log on. For further enquiries about login, contact your local officers.
  • Where do we meet as a group?
    Your local leaders will arrange for meetings from time to time, for community projects, for enlightenment, for training classes and for Crowdfunding Awards. Kindly be in touch with them. You are also free to visit the state office nearest to you, please request for audience by booking an appointment with your State Director.
  • What is GRID Number?
    This is the short form of Goodreach Identification Number. It consist of 6 alpha numeric numbers. All registered members of GR has one. If you have registered, please request your GRID number.
  • What do I stand to benefit as a member?
    1. You are a member an internationally rated Charity Foundation 2. Your dues help in raising thousands of people from the evil of poverty. 3. Access to emergency funds from the Organization when you are in need. 4. A sense of fulfilment as you make impact through community projects. 5. An association of like minds that can be there for you in times of need. 6. You can join GR Personal Development Classes for free or subsidised. 7. You are eligibile for End of Year Promo Draws for Goodreachers. 8. Skill Acquisition Programs for members are free. 9. You can also apply for the Business Empowerment Fund.
  • Who do I pay my monthly due to?
    You can pay your monthly due to your Area Coordinator, State Directors or Zonal Coordinators if you intend to pay cash. But if you want to use your Card for payment you will be directed to the Card payment gateway on our online portal. Kindly contact the GR official for clarifications.
  • I want to be a member, how do I go about it?
    Kindly reach out to Goodreach Foundation in your state of residence or contact us on State your name, phone number and address. A GR Volunteer will reach out to you
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