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The GR Crowdfunding Initiative is an exciting way to empower GoodReachers every month!  It involves the participation of EVERY members.


At the beginning of each month any member who wishes his project to be nominated for funding opportunity will submit a proposal through the State Director.  

A panel will assess all projects and chose the best 10  proposals from each state, and a total of 360 proposals will be tendered for balloting.  3 projects will be chosen for funding in each state, making a total of 108 projects.

Meanwhile, all members are expected to fund the GR Crowdfunding Account with =N=200 only monthly through a payment portal connected to GR online platform.

All successful applicant will be granted the approved amount at an award ceremony that will hold monthly.

The fund will now be regarded as a free Empowerment Fund. Once you are given this fund, you can apply it to critical needs in your business and let's get the joy of seeing a member's business flourish!

You are not required to pay any application nor processing fees, but note that if you apply for crowdfunding, a technical team will appraise your business viability vis-a-vis your competence.  You will be notified if you are selected!  If you fail to make the cut this month, don't worry, try again!


The  GRCI vision is to provide funding through enthusiastic members to the needing fellow members.  It gives you an opportunity to give back to others at least  N200 monthly. The joy of seeing the life of a member being transformed is immeasurable. As a GoodReacher, it is your duty to reach out, and lift others.


Who Can Participate

As a GoodReacher, you are automatically a funding participant of the GRCFI by the monthly N200 subscription payment.  YOU can also be a beneficiary of any of the Monthly Rally if you apply and you are fortunate to be part of the 3 selected from your state chapter for that month.

Local Family Business

How many times can I apply

You can apply as many times as possible, however you can only win once.  Remember, its absolutely free of cost!

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